We feature museum quality restored antique prints by John Audubon, JW Audubon, John Gould, Joseph Wolf, H.C. Richter, Jacques Barraband and many other amazingly talented artists. At Orchard Arts restoring antique and vintage prints is our passion. We have over 10 years experience doing museum quality restorations of negatives and prints.

At Orchard Arts we create museum quality fine art restoration prints that are faithful to the original paper quality, color fidelity, sharpness and period correct typeface metrics. Restoration is done by careful color analysis, color correction, high magnification spotting and repair of the print surface. In some instances repositioning of the plate typefaces and image cropping is done to better accommodate the final print size and for aesthetic appeal. The final restoration print is made with archival pigment ink on acid free fine art paper. The results are museum quality prints that have the same richness, longevity and fidelity as when they were first made.

Orchard Arts strives to exceed the expectations of the entire art community including Designers, Decorators, Hotel Operators, Restaurant Owners, Retail Stores, Art Galleries, and all other trades, as well as for the weekend decorator wanting to enhance any space in their home. An Orchard Arts professionally restored antique and vintage fine art print can already be seen in homes, offices, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and galleries worldwide.

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